for Humanity…


Life goes fast and we pass through, feeling it heavily on our souls. If you intend to hold on life you need to fight against the strong winds. Night and day, dark and light, there are no such differences in the universe. There are the opposites following each other. Life finds and grabs you on an either side; day or night. You feel the change, rising on one side of the seesaw, touching the sky and coming down to step on earth. Thus, being a human and staying alive needs courage. Like suddenly facing the storm, while resting in a boat on mild waves under the clear sky. You panic and test your resistance even though you know the storm will eventually calm down. Because, human beings live in a strange emotion. Criticizing and accusing themselves while trying to get cleared from the accusations. A creature made of meat-bone, intelligence-thought and soul. We have non-stop conflicts, prizes and punishments between feeling guilty and innocence. This is why I will raise a mirror to my face and reflect you my visual, while you listen to who I am.

© 2019 by Ring Reklam A.Ş.